Style Boss Collection

Style \ ˈstī(-ə)l (Verb)

: a distinctive manner of expression

Style Boss Collection was born in March, 2018 to inspire parents to allow their children to uniquely express themselves through their clothing. Style Boss Collection is a minority owned business, The owner Tiara quickly fell in love with opening her online boutique when she had her own daughter and loved styling her.

It is our mission to provide versatility in children’s apparel, to make them look and feel their best at an affordable cost.     

We value 

  1. Customer service
  2. Fast delivery
  3. Differentiation
  4. Customer Satisfaction 

You'll never have to worry about scrolling our site wondering if you'll be able to find both your fave "everyday basic's" for your mini or the perfect special occasion outfit. 

We offer clothing for parents who like to keep there mini's closet just as fresh as they like to keep theirs. You'll find anywhere from the most comfy & casual children apparel too our bougie and prep apparel.

One of the things we value most at Style Boss Collection is versatility. Save some coins when you shop Style Boss Collection, unless you decide to add every little piece you fall in love with. ‼️Precaution‼️ You will fall in love with our pieces. 

We encourage our #Stylebosskids to to choose their favorite casual pieces to dress up or dress down, or choose the most classy, bougie piece they can find on our site. As long as they choose the best piece that expresses their personality we've done our job. 

Don't forget to tag us when your mini #Stylebosskids wear their favorite piece from us.